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February 4th, 2004, 01:26 AM
I play college basketball and due to a knee surgery I will not be able to run for 6 months. I will be able to swim this summer, and would like some advice on workouts that will help with endurance and conditioning. Also if there is supplies that I would need (i.e. fins, goggles, ect.) please let me know. Some of the terms, such as pull, kick, and that confuse me, so looking at some of the posted workouts make little sense to me. If anyone has any advice or workout ideas I would greatly apperciate it!!

Matt S
February 4th, 2004, 10:58 AM

Welcome to the water. Lots of folks here could give you plenty of advice if you were interested in fitness swimming as a regular part of your conditioning program (and maybe the condition of your knees is such that you want to get your cardio conditioning in the water instead of running, even after you start playing ball again).

However, before anyone offers up advice, I think we would need to know a little more about your goals for the summer. Is this merely about maintaining cardio conditioning? Are you trying to use water workouts to help rehab the knee? Are you working towards a return to running and other dry land exercises, instead of swimming, as soon as possible, or do you want to keep swimming as part of your long term training program? Do you want to give swimming a try because you are considering using it as part of your long term training program?

To put it into a nutshell, we swimmers can go on at length about how wonderful swimming workouts are, and how to vastly improve your stroke technique so swimming is much easier and more efficient for you, and encourage you to try a swim meet or open water swim, etc. etc. And that is terrific if you want to become a swimmer. But, if you goal is to merely stay in shape until you can start running again, you may be better off with other forms of aquatic exercise, like water aerobics or "running" in place (you wear a life vest that holds you up-right with your head comfortably above water, and you use a running motion with your legs, but they bear no weight and your feet don't touch the pool floor). Moreover, if you want to make water workouts part of your rehab routine (an excellent idea, BTW, since you have greater resistance working in a denser medium, but without your legs bearing much weight), you ought to go to a physical therapist to tell you what you need to do the help with your specific rehab program.

Advice is easy, but we can't tell what would be appropriate for your circumstances.


February 5th, 2004, 12:02 PM

When I broke me knee a few years ago I could not swim at all. All I did was walk in the water. Water is weightless to your body. I would just take some kind of water walking classes. As you get stronger use a kickboard. Doctors recommend it for rehabilitation.

When I don't swim for a wile and want to get back into swimming laps. I just do 50's to 100's and stay at that for a time.
;) :)

I hope this helps!