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February 5th, 2004, 05:14 PM
i understand that many swim season program formats identify a "fall 2003" get in shape/ stroke phase which is like 3 phases back from where we are now. The infamous question of "Do you want to lead this set" is easily answered with an "Actually, no, i have nothing to offer stamina-wise @ the moment." Or the question of "why did you seed yourself so slow?" Well, because right now, at this moment in time, i'm really that slow :) Can anyone relate?

All things considered, i'm still very thankful that my shoulder pain injury which came just before last year's CMSA state meet is finally gone. I wish i could have looked up the Buehler Breakers Masters Swim Team web site article reference on shoulder pain during that whole ordeal... either that, or find some magical tuna :) The fact that this injury set me back until about December leaves me feeling like i'm playing "fitness catch-up" with the majority of the CMSA population...

so who else might be in the same boat as i? Definitely not Dave Gibson, who's comment of "It took a while, but i finally got you!" @ the St. Charles Super Bowl Swim Meet couldn't have been more humbling since he handed me my a-s for the 50 back event. But hey, he's an android, right? [see picture reference of Dave Gibson on the St. Charles 2004 Swim Meet Pix]. Despite the razzing, it did come from a guy who looks like an aqua- based Tom Selleck :)

oh, and those 100x100's didn't feel too peachy eitheró especially since i completed only 98 good ones. Could you even imagine getting an ultra-super-mega-neo-cramp on the 4th 25 of #99? For the last one, it took about 5 minutesó i'm talking broken 12.5yd swims with hamstring cramps tougher than bulletproof Kevlar. What was i thinking? Actually, part of me was hoping i could just "dive back into shape." You know... go from swimming maybe 2x a week to doing 10,000 yds in one sitting. Mental Malfunction for sure. i guess i'll have to redeem myself with MGM's Ultimate Workout 2005. i really should have eaten that banana back @ number 42.

Potassium variables aside, does there exist a shortcut to getting back on track with swimming & fitness given the short amount of time left? Do i drink more green tea? Should i purchase an aquarium? Will watching Finding Nemo 3 days out of the week make a difference? Maybe not. Maybe i just need to keep getting in the water and get pummeled over and over until i start to feel better. And this has got to be one of the main reasons of why getting back in shape stinksó it doesn't feel good.

so i suppose the purpose of this whole post is to sprout some smiles from readers, and to also express my gratitude for the many people who continue to encourage me to get back in the water in a big way. What i wouldn't do without CMSA :)

February 6th, 2004, 01:59 PM
Originally posted by waterSpanker
Will watching Finding Nemo 3 days out of the week make a difference?

If you are stretching, while watching Finding Nemo, that will probably help. :cool: And make sure you are walking the dogs, holding the leash with your non-injured arm.

February 6th, 2004, 03:14 PM
Ramon, thanking you for putting into words (very eloquently I might add) what I have been going through for the last year! But, now that I am hooked on swimming again, the pain is definitely worth it!!!!:D