View Full Version : Swim Miami - put it on your list

April 23rd, 2014, 09:06 AM
Passing on a really nice race. It had options for 800m, 1 mile, 5k, and 10k. Other than the 800m which ran first along the shore, the other three courses were run on a 1ish mile loop in the bay off the Miami Yacht Club. The 10k starts after the 800m ends and about 90 minutes later, the 5k starts. In theory most (regular people) would be on their 3rd lap by the time everyone started. The water got really churned up when the 5k and milers started, but otherwise, it was pretty smooth. Sighting was really easy with plenty of bouys marking the trail and large land based targets. Water was a perfect 78 degrees.

There is a dock just past the start/finish where volunteers gave out water and an electrolyte drink. Coaches could do feeds for the 10k people from there as well.

They gave out a nicely designed cotton t-shirt, but the great thing was getting a decent Nike swim bag as well. Registration and pickup was easy. And even early morning thunderstorms delaying the start didn't rattle the staff. Great event.

One of the super amazing things was that one swimmer, Yoelvis Pedraza, was a freakin' beast! He swam the 800, then turned around and did the 10k, then had time to do the 1 miler. To top it off, he won all three events!! Has anyone heard of him? Incredible.

Put this one on your calendars. It was a fun event. http://miamisportsinternational.com/