View Full Version : Constantly Sore Rhomboids & Quadratus Lumborums

May 13th, 2014, 05:58 PM
I've been using a snorkel and a pull buoy for freestyle so I can work on my head position (keeping it down) and stabilize my torso while I work on my pull and recovery. I've been working on it for about three weeks and my rhomboids and quadratus lumborums have been sore ever since. I tried taking a three-day break to give the muscles time to heal but as soon as I started up again, the soreness immediately came back. I don't know whether I should be doing more, less, take a longer break, or whether the soreness is caused by some other weaker muscles that my rhomboids and quadratus lumborums are taking up the slack for and that I should be focusing on strengthening.