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July 12th, 2014, 10:01 PM
Evanston Masters
Head Swim Coach Job Description

Posted: 7/12/2014
Location: Evanston, IL

The Team: Evanston Masters (the “Wild Catfish”) is a team with a long record of competitive success. That success is the result of the high level of participation by swimmers at all skill levels, which is due to members who truly enjoy being part of the team. While competition is important, the team places an equal emphasis on camaraderie and social activities.

General Summary: The Head Swim Coach will be the leader of the team on deck, both at practices and swim meets, and through that leadership will be a key contributor to the success of the team.
The Head Swim Coach will be an enthusiastic individual who is passionate about coaching and swimming. The Head Swim Coach will manage the swim team in accordance with the rules and regulations set forth by USMS, as well as the pool rules of the facilities at which the swim team trains. The Head Swim Coach will coach individuals and groups. He or she will instruct athletes in proper competitive swimming techniques, organize and conduct competitive events, and work to create a positive and fun atmosphere. The Head Swim Coach will serve at the pleasure of the elected officers of the team.

Basic Life Support
USMS Membership
USMS Coaching Certification (if not in hand, will be willing to obtain)

General Duties and Responsibilities:
This document is intended to describe the general nature and level of work to be performed by the Head Swim Coach. It is not intended to be an exhaustive list of all of the responsibilities, duties or skills required.

Exhibit enthusiastic leadership.
Prepare a seasonal plan (including the summer session) for the team with an end goal of preparing swimmers to compete at a high level, both at meets designated as “team meets” throughout the season and at the annual state meet.
Recruit, hire, manage and train assistant/lane coaches. Management and training of assistant/lane coaches includes creating schedules for lane coaches and providing mentoring and on-going feedback to those coaches.
Prepare workouts consistent with the seasonal plan that are tailored to the variable skills and abilities of swimmers.
Serve as a lane coach with other coaches in a majority of scheduled practices.
Be on deck before swimmers enter the water and throughout the entire practice.
Maintain a friendly and approachable attitude.
Establish and maintain respectful and effective working relationships with swimmers and other coaches.
Foster a culture of positive practice and swim meet experiences.
Instruct swimmers on proper swimming form and technique.
Observe swimmers to detect and correct mistakes.
Provide appropriate feedback on performance to each swimmer, which will include a goal of providing (and having assistant/lane coaches provide) at least one positive and one constructive comment on swimming technique to each swimmer at each practice.
Be responsible for coordinating practice times and announcing any appropriate changes.
Ensure that after practice, each swimming facility is left as requested and that all pool equipment is stored properly.
Enthusiastically build interest among swimmers to attend team meets and the state meet.
Coordinate member participation for team meets, attend all team meets, and schedule 1-2 coaches on deck for each team meet to take splits, provide feedback, and to organize relays.
Attend team social functions.


Enthusiastic leadership skills
Effective communication skills
Knowledge of current swimming and coaching techniques

Modern principles and practices of swimming program development and implementation
Pertinent laws, codes and safety regulations of USMS
Swimming competition rules and procedures
Swimming competition techniques

Teamwork skills
Strong work ethic
Skill in providing motivation and feedback

End Result:
Our goal is to develop and maintain a cohesive team that consists of individuals who enjoy and value membership by providing an enjoyable and engaging environment that is attractive to swimmers of varying skill levels and encourages participation at swim meets and social activities.

Salary will be commensurate with applicant’s level of experience. Interested parties should submit a cover letter and resume to evanstonmasters@gmail.com. A PDF version of the job description (http://evanstonmasters.com/docs.ashx?id=180857) is available at our website (http://evanstonmasters.com).