View Full Version : Metres and Miles Memory 2015

December 16th, 2014, 12:59 PM
Lots of new features for the spreadsheet this year! Please have a look see! Could run nicely alongside FLOG too perhaps, especially those looking for the extra motivation to train! Let me know.

- open water, mileage swimmers
- yard pool swimmers
- those who want more colour!
- those who swim miles and metres in the same day
- those who want more motivation to get out their armchairs and into water - erm to swim!
- those whose targets are getting serious towards the end of the year!
I hope it's obvious I have been thinking of you all !!!

Go to this new website for easier access to any new updates that are bound to occur from time to time


Please keep giving me feedback on all or any problems that you spot! (And any extra features too). I am very curious on how to use none Apple gadgets with Excel/ cloud combos.

Have fun and a very merry Christmas too very soon


PS the 2015 spreadsheet has a tendency to look a bit weird before the 1st Jan!

December 17th, 2014, 10:16 AM
I have updated the hints - especially important for those wanting to use iPads and iPhones


December 31st, 2014, 09:28 AM
Final version 2.1 now available.

Its got some new twiddly bits that may amuse http://www.swimmingforum.co.uk/images/smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif http://www.swimmingforum.co.uk/images/smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif http://www.swimmingforum.co.uk/images/smilies/icon_rolleyes.gif

Have a great time tonite one and all!!


January 3rd, 2015, 03:19 PM
If anyone has managed to download it I hope it's working for you and you've had your first swims of the year!

Good luck for your targets set!