View Full Version : 2015 Check-Off Challenge

January 25th, 2015, 05:50 PM
:) Hey Swimmers, If you're looking for a fun challenge for your work out group or a solo fitness pursuit please check out this year's "Check Off Challenge" sponsored by the Tennessee Aquatics Masters! Go to the Fitness Events and click on "Check-Off Challenge." Sign up by ordering a cool COC shirt + you'll receive a bonus cap with the event logo imprinted upon it as well. The rest is up to you. Your goal is to complete all the USMS sanctioned events by the end of 2015. As you complete the milestones you can mark them off your shirt. Some swimmers aim to complete all the events in swim meets, others complete an event-a-practice. The rules are up to you, just have fun getting fit and trying out all the strokes and distances included in USMS swimming.
Let's Do This! Who knows, you may find a new event you'll love to train for and swim in future meets!