View Full Version : Computer viruses in the swimming community again

April 23rd, 2002, 01:35 PM
There are a few nasty computer viruses (or is that virii?) making their way around the swimming community lately, and they are really getting out of control. I'm getting about 25 virus-infected emails a day. Anyone who does not have virus protection software installed and kept up to date is at high risk for these viruses.

The latest viruses are being sent out with false email addresses in the From fields that may make them look like they came from Tracy Grilli, me, or other USMS representatives. They did not come from us. The virus scans for email addresses in web pages that you have visited from an infected computer and randomly inserts these addresses in the From field when sending out copies of itself. You can tell what server the email originated from by viewing the full email headers (see http://ncfs.ucf.edu/Viewing%20Email%20Headers%20Instructions.pdf for instructions on viewing mail headers).

The most popular viruses I'm seeing lately are the W32/Klez.E@mm, W32/Klez.H@mm, and W32/Klez.gen@mm viruses. You can find detailed information on these viruses at Symantec's http://securityresponse.symantec.com/ site or McAfee's http://vil.mcafee.com/ site. The viruses sometimes pose as returned mail, virus cleaning tools, or Windows updates. In general, you should NEVER open an attachment to an email message unless you have specifically verified with the sender that they have sent you this file.

Many of these viruses also all pack a payload that will delete files on your computer on certain dates if left untreated, so it is in your best interest to install and/or update virus protection software.