View Full Version : ALTS Instructor near Westbury, Long Island?

August 7th, 2015, 07:09 PM
Hi all,
i am an ALTS instructor but in Massachusetts.
I am looking for someone to work with a dear family friend, 73-years-old and a non-swimmer, who lives in Westbury, NY. I don't see anyone on the

This will need to be someone with a reassuring touch because she is water fearful. We started today with her first session, while she was visiting me, and she was fantastic. Managed face in the water, exhaling gently, and kicking with her face in the water. A big day as she had NEVER done any of these things before.

Anyone know someone who might be able to work with her? She's fantastic and I've known her for my entire life. Love her and want her to have a wonderful person to make this happen for her.

Thank you!