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April 27th, 2002, 09:36 PM
I sent the following to the Executive Committee

To the Executive Committee:

I was reading the minutes of the annual winter meeting of the Executive committee. I was stuck by the following paragraph:

"The EC recommends that the Championship Committee conduct the bidder presentations during its meetings and not during the HOD meetings. The Championship Committee meeting at which the bids are presented should be given adequate notice and made available to all interested members to attend. The recommendation of the Championship Committee should then be made and placed in their report to present to the HOD. If the recommendation is “pulled" at the HOD, then discussion on the recommendation can occur at the HOD. If not and the report is approved, then, by operation of the rules of the HOD, the recommendation will be approved by the HOD and no further voting or other action will be required. It is the intent of the EC that this procedure NOT require a change in the current rules."

On the whole, I believe that this is the way that the national championships should be handled. The Championship Committee should make the decision about venues of the national championships. However, I find re above recommendation or plan in conflict with 104.3 sections E and F

E: Certification of bids - Prior to the annual meeting, the Championship Committee shall certify each bid for compliance with its policies and procedures, including facilities standards (article 107).
F. Awarding of bid - At the annual meeting of the House of Delegates, those bids that are certified shall be presented. The awarding of the bid shall be made by majority vote of the House of Delegates.

Up to now the Championship Committee has followed its mandate under 104.3 A, C, D and E. The certification of bids has been to ensure that the all the USMS rules have been complied with and that the bidder has the ability to hold a national championship. Upon occasion the Championship Committee has made a recommendation to the HOD about where it thinks the National Championships should be held and the HOD upon occasion has followed Championship's recommendation.

There is no way the the proposed way of handling championships meets 104.4.3 F. Which says that those bids which are certified shall be presented - well that is unless you define the Championship Committee as the House of Delegates. And the awarding of the bid shall be made by the majority vote of the House of Delegates - again if you define the Championship Committee as the House of Delegates, then it fits. (somewhat the Clintonesque "it depends on what the meaning of "is" is.)

Personally I think that the awarding of the USMS Short Course Yards and Long Course Meters should be awarding in the same manner that Long Distance awards Long Distance Championships:

305.3: Championship shall be awarded by the Long Distance Committee at the annual meeting held approximately 2 years prior to the championship being awarded.

I plan to ask Pacific LMSC and Championship Committee to propose the above change in the Rules.

I saw in the minutes that you will be having a meeting at the Short Course National Championships I would hope that the Executive Committee reconsiders the manner in which the national championships will be chosen at the 2002 convention. I would hope that presentations are made one session and the voting for national championships is made at another session.


Again the think that in the future the selection of the National Championships should be made by the Championship Committee, but currently we have a procedure for the selection of the National Championships. Since the site selection process is mandated by rule, we have to change the rule and we have way to change the rules. We should not be changing the rules by EC fiat (IMHO) :cool:

The exec committee will be having a meeting at the SCY championships in Hawaii. If you have an opinion on how the site selection of National Championships, you might want to let the members of the EC know.