View Full Version : Thank You from Barrington

Chad Manbeck
April 5th, 2004, 12:07 PM
Thank you to everyone who attended the CMSA state meet, to everyone who decided to grant us this opportunity to show off our pool, and to everyone who supported, helped and encouraged us along the way.

For your information, energy and emotions were high at a post-meet team gathering. Litterally, tears and belly laughs, exaustion and exhilleration. The initial response from our club/group members was "Lets do this again next year."

Our small core group came together like they never have before and they had a great time. We had several members from our own club there to volunteer, who had never swam in a meet before (not interested in competiton). They joined relays (sucked in) because the energy from the state meet was so great. Watching State and National records drop like flies is a great motivator. Thank you for bringing our club together with your outstanding swims.

On behalf of Bill Bishop, and Barrington Area Masters
Thank You everyone, and Congratulations to Sue and her Naperville Waves

Chad Manbeck