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August 3rd, 2016, 07:57 PM
hello everybody,was hoping I can get some tips or some help.

I been practicing the freestyle stroke for like 2 months now.i read up on it,watched plenty of videos,and practice everyday for an hour and a half.i have trouble exhaling completely underwater.i can sink to the bottom no problem,what I'm saying is when I'm swimming and I exhale,i have trouble getting all the air out,like when I come up I need to finish exhaling which I know your not supposed to do.i think its just a bad habit I'm stuck in or something.i feel I have the stroke down but I'm not breathing right which affects everything.i know to stay level in the pool,chest out hips up,i have no problem getting air when I roll,its just I cant exhale.

so if anybody can give me some excercizes or some tips to practice that will help.i just figure practice makes perfect so I have to keep practicing.i have no trouble bobbing up and down,taking breath,exhale.i can do that no problem without having to exhale when I come up,but that's in a vertical position,not face down in the water.i don't know what it is but its driving me crazy,lol so any help is greatly appreciated.thanks

August 8th, 2016, 11:57 AM
Probably the best thing you can do is to just keep practicing. Another thing you can do is to not breathe with each stroke. I'm most comfortable breathing every third or fifth stroke. I just gently breathe out a little with each stroke, and by the time I lift my head to the side, I'm ready to breathe in. I hope this helps!

August 9th, 2016, 10:09 AM
Try practicing exhaling using a kickboard. Grasp the kickboard towards the bottom and fully extend your arms so that your face is in the water as you kick, fully exhale and then turn your head to the side and inhale and repeat as you are kicking along. Don't over exhale (hyperventilate).

Proper breathing is probably the most difficult part of swimming to learn for a beginner/novice swimmer and it will take time to get it down. Don't be discouraged and keep at it. It will become second nature.