View Full Version : Broken Tibia/Fibula Recovery

November 27th, 2016, 10:18 AM
After a very successful season this year, I slipped a fell three weeks ago and suffered an oblique fracture low on my tibia and a spiral fracture high on my fibula. Luckily, no ankle or knee damage, no compound fracture, and surgery not required. That said, an above the knee cast for six weeks and then a leg/boot type brace for another six weeks. So, no weight bearing for 12 weeks total. I am three weeks into the cast and trying to start some upper body work, and tooling around in my wheelchair for exercise. My question is this - Although I know it will take time to return to good swimming form, does anyone have experience with this type of injury? Any insight or words of wisdom? Thank you.

November 28th, 2016, 08:22 AM
I broke my femur about 2 yrs ago at age 65 in a cycling accident and had to have surgery to put humpty back together again. The time on crutches and wheel chair wasn't fun. Atrophy was significant in leg muscles, but there is not much you can do except be patient. I did loose weight. PT helped, I got back in the pool immediately after I was cleared (such a great feeling to be free and able to swim again), and although it took awhile to rebuild (the older you are the longer it is likely to take), I've gotten back to where I left off. Balance was an immediate issue climbing up on a starting block, take your time and climb up slow or start from the pool deck or wall if you don't fee comfortable. Good luck and get well.