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December 26th, 2016, 05:15 PM
I was given a new Fitbit Flex 2 because it is supposed to be good for swimming as well as run/walk/bike. I already have a Swimovate Poolmate Pro which gives me what I need from the pool, but not open water or all the rest. Can anyone make a comparison from experience?

December 26th, 2016, 09:37 PM
I have been wearing a Flex 2 for about 3 weeks now to see how it works before passing it on to a sedentary family member. Personally, I would describe it was "compatible" with swimming rather than "useful" or good. It won't be ruined by swimming as will the other Fitbits. However since it does not have a display, you get no information on your swim until after you sync with your phone. Therefore it is worthless as a lap counter during the swim. The other huge draw back is that it does not consistently recognize that you are swimming unless you are swimming uninterrupted for more than ten minutes. At a recent Masters practice where I actually swam or pulled about 2000 yards that should have been counted, it gave me credit for 200 yards because the rest intervals apparently confused the device. On the other hand, if I swim a long set that takes more than 10 minutes and has no rest intervals, it counts very accurately. I own both the Poolmate 2 and a Garmin 920 and both are far superior for swimming. I now remove the fit bit while swimming and just manually enter my swim via the web. Another drawback of the fitbit line is that the app does no allow you to set an activity goal that is a combination of steps and other exercise the way MisFit line does. I can have an intense 90 minute master's workout instead of a workout that involves steps. Even though I was very active that day, my goal reads as unmet because it wasn't steps. I lost a MisFit device that at least counted swimming toward an overall activity total. I wish fitbit was similar. So all in all the only thing positive I have to stay about the Flex2 for swimming is you don't need to worry about damaging it.

Incidentally I have also played with the Flex 2 for cycling and spin (ankle mounted). In both cases it records as elliptical not bike but does at least record motion accurately.

December 27th, 2016, 06:54 AM
Thanks MSK, that's about what I thought after reading the manual. I have forgotten how to count beyond 4 laps with the Poolmate. I also got to thinking about when I do sets of 200 or 500 with a long rest. It says a 60 second rest will reset the timer and I often do that.

What about open water, no laps, but a couple times around bouys in a half mile loop out on a lake?

December 27th, 2016, 08:54 AM
I have forgotten how to count beyond 4 laps with the Poolmate.

Just grab a few extra pull buoys from the bin, line them up on the edge of the pool, and use them to count in binary. Standing on edge == 1, laying down == 0. :)

December 27th, 2016, 10:48 AM
I haven't tried it in open water since it was a Black Friday purchase, but it counts laps the same way the other pool watches do - by counting your turns / wall push offs. It might give you credit for being active, but probably wouldn't give meaningful info on distance.