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January 16th, 2017, 02:12 PM
Hi all,

I'm developing a FINA Points calculator for a website and I've found several possible mistakes in official FINA publications of FINA Points Tables, including their own software in terms of calculation. Please read below in detail:

(I) General Information about FINA Points:

FINA Points Website: it shows all the official information regarding FINA points:

(II) FINA Points Definition:

PDF, also attached: http://www.fina.org/sites/default/files/fina_points_table_1.pdf

Under the 'Formula' title, the 3rd paragraph says:

'If the needed time (T) for a certain number of points (P) should be calculated, the exact formula is used to calculate a first estimation. Then the time should be reduced by one hundredth of a second as long as the reverse calculation with the time still results in the original number of points.'

So, it can be inferred from the previous paragraph, that for a certain FINA Point number, its corresponding time will be the fastest time that produces the same FINA Point number. However, the 3rd paragraph is not being implemented on FINA publications at all.

(III) FINA Points Calculator:

Let's test this official software for Windows. I'm going to calculate the time given 700 points:

Figure #1

The Figure #1 shows that for 700 points (100 free, men, LCM, 2016) its corresponding time is 0:52.83.

Now, let's do the opposite operation, ie. calculating points given the times:

Figure #2

From the data in Figure #2, it is clear that the fastest time for 700 points is 0:52.81. However the calculation in Figure #1 gives 0:52.83. The reason is because the 3rd paragraph has not been implemented on this calculator, so the information that provides the calculator is wrong according to the FINA Points definition: http://www.fina.org/sites/default/files/fina_points_table_1.pdf. This official calculator is giving only "the first estimation" described on the 3rd paragraph.

(IV) FINA Points Tables:

FINA has published the following table for 2016, LCM, men (pdf also attached):
It also has the same mistake, is showing 0:52.83 instead of 0:52.81 for 700 points in 100 free.

Figure #3

Also it is clear that the Figure #3 is showing the times for a certain point quantity, not the opposite, as the step among the points column is the same for every row (1 point descending every row). So in that case, the time for 700 points properly calculated should be 0:52.81 for 100 free.

(V) Conclusion:

It seems that FINA publications are full of mathematical mistakes.
The 3rd paragraph of FINA Points Definition has not been implemented at all.
In some cases the difference is over 1 second for long distances and low points.
So this is very confusing for all the people.

For example, there are championships that require, let's say 600 points as a minimum entry time. So swimmers are training to accomplish the time of at least 600 points, but what will happen when they realize, a couple of days before, that the required time has changed due to an 'official' error?...

I'm quite sure my findings are ok, however please let me now if I'm in a mistake.
Thank you.

PD: I'm developing a calculator for an external website, please fell free to use it at title ' II. ' (with a lovely Spanish theme), and if you find a mistake in the calculation please let me know: