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April 23rd, 2004, 01:18 PM
What would be a great work out for a inter. swimmer in the butterfly?

April 27th, 2004, 11:47 AM
You can try this "Full Body Check-up for Butterfly" workout from the great Kerry O'Brien. This workout is taken from the 2004 PSC Swim Coaches Clinic

600 warm-up, your choice
12x25 ankle focus
-streamline kick underwater, begin each 25 with 4-6 underwater dolphin kicks, focus on the snaping of the ankles being a result of the dolphin-ing of your torso. Feel the flow of one kick rolling into the next. "Use the hips-Save the legs"
-remainder of the 25 is smooth freestyle
10x50 hand focus
-begin each 25 with 3 dolphin kicks + 4 butterfly strokes. Focus on setting the hands on the surface rather than diving down below the head, lunge forward not plunge down. "Weightless Hands"
-remainder of 25 is smooth freestyle
8x75 elbow focus
-each 75 is 25 kick+25 with 4-6 strokes fly + 25 smooth free
On the kick lap, continue to have the undulation work it's way down to the flick of the ankles. During fly strokes, focus on having the elbows locked during recovery so that hands and elbows reach shoulder line at the same time. After hand entry near surface of water, rotate to a high elbow catch as hands begin to press down and back. Accelerate hands through midline of torso, rather than too wide laterally
6x100 head focus
-each 25 (except 3rd) begins with 6 strokes fly breathing every other stroke. remainder is easy free. non-breathing strokes: allow head and chest to drop between shoulders as catch is made near surface. breathing strokes: make sure breath begins during the stroke and not at the beginning of the recovery
4x125 timing focus
each 125 is: 25 body dolphin kicking/25 drill fly (3right,3left - establish rythm of kicks to arm cycles, emphasizing the hips)/25 smooth free/25 fly fast/25 smooth free

total 3,200 with approximately 200 strokes buterfly