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May 17th, 2017, 01:18 PM
Andrew Le Vasseur
Head Coach, Denver Masters
I am seeking and Head Coach position with a USMS Masters Swimming club or workout group. I am also willing to start a team, club or workout group.

Aquatics, bio below.

Andrew Le Vasseur
swimmin4fun@msn.com (Vasseurswimmin4fun@msn.com)

Coaching certifications:
ASCA Level 2 Coach, 2011
USMS Level 1-2 Coach, 2012
USMS Level 3 Coach, 2013
USMS Level 4 Coach, 2015

National Championship Titles:
2012 LCM National Championships, Regional Team Champion, Omaha, NE
2015 SCY National Championships, Regional Team Champion, San Antonio, TX
2017 SCY National Championships, Regional Team Champion, Riverside, CA

National Coaches Clinics and USAS convention:
2009 USMS Swim Fest, Houston,
2016 USMS National Coaches Clinic, Nashville, TN
2016 USAS National Convention, Kansas City, MO
2017 USMS National Coaches Clinic, San Mateo, CA

Special coaching opportunities and awards:
2011 Colorado Coach of the Year
2014 USMS National Team Coach at World Championships, Montreal, Canada
2014- Present, Colorado Masters Swimming Regional Team Lead Coach
2016- Present, USMS National coaches committee

Andrew LeVasseur - Head Coach, Denver Masters Swimming Team
Andrew began his swimming career on the Schofield Sharks Swim Club in Hawaii as an 8-under many years ago, where his coaches included Pat Rainkey and Pete Selmer. Pete studied with Doc Councilman, considered to be the founder of modern swimming. At Cherry Creek High School here in Colorado, Andrew was a three-year Varsity Letterman. Despite his love of the sport and an opportunity to swim for Dartmouth University, Andrew followed his other passion, music, on a music scholarship to the University of Arizona. Throughout high school and college and for many summers afterward, Andrew has enjoyed working as a Swim Coach, WSI, Aqua Fitness Instructor, Lifeguard and Lifeguard Trainer.

Andrew’s coaching experience spans 37 years of age-group and master's level swimming. Most recently, he has been with the University of Denver Masters Swimming Program since 2008 and coaches the developmental pre-swimming team for SafeSplash swim school, also in Denver. He is CMS Regional Club representative to COMSA. As a swimmer, Andrew has achieved USMS top ten ranking and places consistently in local, regional, national and international swimming meets.

Since 2016 Andrew has served on the USMS National Coaches Committee. Andrew led the National Champion CMS regional team at the 2017 SCY National Championships in Riverside, CA. Andrew led Club CMS at the 2016 LCM National Championships in Gresham, Oregon where CMS placed 3rd in regional club competition. Andrew has served as the USMS “On Deck Coach” and Lead Coach for the National Champion CMS Regional Swimming Team at the 2015 USMS SCY Championships in San Antonio, TX. He was the USMS 2014 and 2015 High Intensity On-Line Coach. In 2014, he was one of four coaches selected to lead USMS National Team attending 2014 FINA World Championships in Montreal, Canada. Before that, his work for USMS included being “On Deck Coach” for the 2013 SCY National Championships in Santa Clara, CA, as well as “On Deck Coach” and Lead Coach for the LCM National Champion CMS Regional Swimming Team at 2012 USMS LCM Championships in Omaha, NB.

In 2011, Andrew was selected as the COMSA 2011 "Coach of the Year" and since 2009 has been a Level 1-3 ASCA/USMS Certified Swimming Coach. Andrew received his USMS Level 4 Coaching Certification credentials at a meeting of the USMS National Coaches committee as part of the Nationals Aquatics Sports Convention in Kansas City, MO on October 1, 2015.