View Full Version : OW Swimming in Maui?

March 17th, 2018, 04:21 PM

We are going to Maui for spring break. Does anyone have suggestions for good OW swimming spots. Plan to do some scuba diving too.



March 18th, 2018, 09:56 AM
I've never been to Maui. But maybe this is a question that can be answered over in the USMS Open Water forum -- http://forums.usms.org/forumdisplay.php?7-Open-Water-Swimming


March 20th, 2018, 07:08 PM

We are going to Maui for spring break. Does anyone have suggestions for good OW swimming spots. Plan to do some scuba diving too.




Happy swimming. The local master might know. :) Go with a group. and don't pet the tiger sharks! :O

March 23rd, 2018, 11:58 AM
I've been snorkeling (not alone) in the Lava fields (we parked and walked on a trail way out) to La Perouse Bay. We also drove further south down the Makena road to a small embayment below the fields called Hoapili). To get there follow the Makena Road from the Walea beaches and hotels south. Go south past Makena Beach (which I believe is in part a nude beach). Then there are few spots north of the the lava fields (aka Cape Kinau) and spots south of the field too. At the end of the road near the beginning of the Hoapili Trail you can park and get in the water from a beach. There are also some beach spots just south of Makena Beach and before the lava field too, but it may be tough to park. Be prepared to walk and not barefoot. I kept my old sneakers on while swimming and snorkeling on the lava field (bring an old pair for this purpose - they'll be pretty worn in a week if you head off the beaten track)

You're pretty much on your own at Hoapili and could get in trouble easily. Don't leave anything in the car unless someone is there and on the beach to watch. But, the snorkeling is incredible - there were some people with Scuba. It is much better snorkeling than off the Walea hotel beaches. You can see Kaho olawe across the channel and in some seasons whales in the channel between.

For OW swimming there are bays all over. The Walea beach would be a great spot and there is public access to the water at certain locations so you don't need to go through the hotels. You can swim along and watch the hotels go by. there's also a walking trail along the beaches between the hotels. There is also a large public beach at Kihei where you can surf and swim.

The two circumferential roads (SE to Hana or NW to Kapalua) also have places to stop, swim, and snorkel along the way and the scenery and driving are breath taking. We didn't spend any time in Lahana, but I'm guessing there are bays and beaches with places for OW swimming and snorkeling.

there are some places where it is not a good idea to swim either because of the surf, currents, and sharks. I think some areas are posted, as such. In general it is probably a good idea to ask around about a spot before you just jump in.

Enjoy. the biggest problem is convincing yourself to leave! It's paradise.