View Full Version : 2004 FINA Masters Championships

June 13th, 2004, 09:10 PM
As we prepare for the XI FINA Masters World Championships to be held at Stanford California, the local organizaing committee would like to hear from those who attended the championships just ended in Riccione, Italy.

What did you like about the championships in Italy? (what do you think the Italians did well).

Where do you think improvements could be made?

If you attended other world masters championships, how do you think they would compare?

What did you think of the opening ceremony?

How was the marshalling? Did they get you to your race?

Were your results produced timely?

Did you make your own reservations to stay at a hotel in Italy or did you go through the Italian tourist organization? How was that experience?

If you wish to answer here, that is fine. If you wish to send a private message, send it to info@2006FINAMasters.org.

We appreciate the time you take in answering.

michael moore,
local organizing committee

Anthony Thompson
June 16th, 2004, 11:15 AM
I'm just back from Italy, also jetlagged.

My overall impression was good of the FINA event in Italy. The biggest constructive critizisms are:

1. No or little enforcement by Marshall in warm-up or in the warmup/warmdown pools (which wer e rather small).

2. Chaos in the "calling room" in the 50 events. Not sure what would have helped other than more people in the calling rooms on the afternoon with 50s. I just got to the blocks before my race as was not really ready to swim. This "marshelling" could have been better. On 100, 200 & 400 events, they did much better.

3. My registration was mailled into them 6-weeks before the deadline with all the documentation. I got my confirmation 4 days before the meet and they registered me as a swimmer from Great Britian despite the USMS registration and USA passport. I did not get this resolved at the meet, so my results are probably under GBR and NOT USA. On-line registration started WAY TOO LATE (only about 2-weeks before the events). I heard that entering RELAYS was a big hastle, too.

4. The indoor facility was good, but no good temperature control. If you swam in the morning it was okay, but by afternoon it was too hot. The outdoor pool was great and I swam well in it no matter the time of day.

5. I attended the event in Munich in 2000, and it seems to run more smoothly despite only have 1 competition pool. Overall, they were similar in quality (the above problems would suggest that Munich was better run).

6. I did not attend the open ceromonies or the Hall-of-Fame event.

7. Results were posted timely, and we even saw a few people getting result by internet at the one internet cafe in Riccione.

8. We reserved the hotel via the Italian tourism (for the FINA event - Firmi Eventi). They did a good job - the hotel was okay (**) and the trip to Venice was a nice bonus. Transportation was good between our hotel area and the pools. They were also helpful with other travel/tourism plans for Venice, Vincenza, Verona, Cinque Terra and the Dolomite in the NE Italy.

9. The FINA 2006 booth was also a positive experience. People volunteered to work and the swimmers were receptive to take information and fill-out card. We should have a huge mailing list created. Hope we get an assistant webmaster soon to help the committee.

THANKS for a chance to feedback.

Anthony Thompson, MOVY LMSC Chair USA (not GBR).