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Michael Heather
July 3rd, 2004, 09:51 AM
Our Executive committee wants to spend $5000 to host a dinner for 50 FINA people the night before the meet (Oct 6). With this money comes a full page ad in the program.

What does USMS expect to gain from this expense? How much would an ad cost without the dinner? Is this a requirement of the award to the US of the 2006 Masters Worlds? Is USMS expecting to recruit swimmers at the meet?

Since this would be a special over budget item, I can't exactly ask what could be done locally for USMS members with the money. The money technically does not exist. Why has the Board of Directors not been included in the discussion about the relative merits of such an expense? They are, after all, suppossed to "direct " the business of the Corporation. And the Executive committee is to "execute" the directions.

Michael Heather
July 3rd, 2004, 10:48 AM
I forgot to add the most important question. Since we passed the new core objectives that the EC was so interested in enacting, where does this dinner fulfill: service, educate or build the membership? I do not see a "shmooze FINA" in any of those objectives.

July 5th, 2004, 12:00 PM
The discussion appearing in the forum, unfortunately, failed to await the final word on the subject from the EC. After consultation with the Finance Chair and further deliberation by the EC, it was decided NOT to pursue funding from USMS for the proposed activities associated with the World Championships to be held in Indianapolis this October. The concern about the financial committment to our own World Championships led to this decision. Nonetheless, because of the continued belief in the value of maintaining and developing close ties to the leadership of the swimming community, be it FINA, USAS, USA Swimming, USA Diving, USA Water Polo, and others, an effort is underway to secure donations from individuals and others to support the project so that we can meet the challenge posed by Dale Neuberger and USAS. NO USMS money will be sought or used although USMS will be a beneficiary of the contacts and good will that we hope to see developed through this effort. There is no provision in FOG that prohibits or inhibits the solicitation and use of private donations in connection with USMS projects nor does it require Finance Committee approval. No different than an officer or member of USMS choosing to support the 2004 World Championships with a private donation, that's what we are attempting for the ultimate benefit of USMS. Now if anyone would like to help the effort they can send their donations to Tracy with a memo and we'll see that it gets put to good use.

Because Dale Neuberger provided tremendous assistance to USMS in the process of securing the bid for our world championships, we didn't want to ignore his solicitation to participate in the 2004 Worlds in Indianapolis. The result of that effort is as I have explained and I'm genuinely sorry that it has consumed time in the forum because of incomplete information.

Best regards, Doug Church, Treasurer