View Full Version : Coaching on Deck?

May 20th, 2002, 02:34 PM
While Nadine Day did an outstanding job as competitor, team captain, coach and tour guide for Hawaii, it was very clear that IM needs a coach, preferably two at big meets with multiple pools.

I propose that IM annually sends two coaches to the SC National meet and subsidizes their costs. CMSA could charge a small yearly fee ($2-$5) that would help pay for their attendance. We should nominate a HEAD and Assistant Coach and vote on them early in the year.

Requires in-depth knowledge of all four strokes, understanding race strategy, relay smarts, the use of a stopwatch and enthusiasm. Stop watch requires a thumb and/or index finger.

Requires great organizational skills, enthusiasm, use of a stopwatch and some technical knowledge of all four strokes. Stop watch requires a thumb and/or index finger.

If successful, I believe this would help our IL performance and may get more people to commit earlier in the year.