View Full Version : hotel cancelations at Savannah

August 9th, 2004, 09:30 AM
I am attending the Nationals in Savannah. I made my reservations with Comfort Inn and my first night of my stay would be this Wednesday. In the meantime I have found another place more convenient and cheaper to stay while at the Nationals. I call the Savannah Comfort Inn to cancel the reservations this morning. I was informed that because I didnít cancel the reservations by July 28, I would be charged for one nightís stay anyway. I told them that when I made the reservations I was not informed of their cancellation policy. They said that the ďcancellations had to be made by July 28Ē was part of the agreement with USMS for holding a block of 50 rooms. Comfort Inn also said it was USMSís responsibility to inform us of that policy, not theirs. I am looking at the meet information as published in SWIM Magazine and do not see anything pertaining to this, nor is there anything on the USMS website on this. I have had to cancel reservations with other USMS-listed hotels at other Nationals (for various reasons) over the years and this has never happened before. Can anybody shed some light on this?

Steve Hansen
Michigan Masters