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September 4th, 2004, 01:54 PM
Come on coaches, wake up. Read the rules proposals please.

I totally agree with most of the rational of R8. I just feel some coaches or most will not know what swimmers they have at the nationals meet by the day before the first relay. In all schedules listed in our rules book under 104.5.2A there is a relay the second day of the meet, with disctance the first day. The majority of swimmers do not show up until the first day, and the coach may not have access to their swimmers. This puts additional burdens on the coaches, and if a swimmer has not arrived by the time of the relay they may loose their money ($12).

Under Rational "team coach or team representative to set up relays by checking the meet program to see who on their team entered the meet." This does not clear up the fact that swimmers do not show up together days before the meet. I am sure many coaches have horror stories of trying to get relays together


Frank Thompson
September 4th, 2004, 07:02 PM
Wayne I agree with you and I will also add some other comments to this. You could have swimmers that would not be able to make the meet for unforseen circumstances both personal and other and you would not know that on the first day of the meet.

Examples: At last years LC Nationals in Rutgers there was a power grid failure that caused a lot of swimmers flying into New Jersey delays and some people driving to the meet decided not to go. Another example is this years LC Nationals with Hurricane Andrew and Tropical Storm Bonnie. Again you have people that cannnot show up.

With the combined ages format you could have pre entered relays that would have to be scratched and you could not have the chance to enter the relays in the right age groups. I see all sorts of problems with this. Also I thought that you paid a fee for this service that is provided by the meet host meaning your relay entry fee is 50% more thus $12 as opposed to $8.

The host still has to enter the relays from the entry cards turned into at the meet. I also wonder if this means that all relay cards must be turned in for all relays on the day before the first relay weather they were pre entered or deck entered on the first day. If not, why would we want to have this rule change if people can turn in relay cards the day before the relay is to be swam and entered for heat sheets.

September 4th, 2004, 09:46 PM
I think that the relay cards should be turned in the day of the relay and deck seeded. There was enough time at other meets to do this and the coaches can change relays if needed.

So, think how many points you lose when swimmers do not make it to the meet. You can always bus or fly everyone to your meet that are on relays. This way they are stuck and have to swim or no refershments on the trip home.

September 6th, 2004, 02:38 PM
Just a point of clarification, relays are currently due the day before the relay swim. The deadline to enter relays is 4 pm. The names of the swimmers entered in the relays can be changed up until the relay steps up onto the blocks.

At a typical short course meet, the individuals entering relays will spend three to four hours each day entering relays. After the event has swum, the admin istrative referee will spend another hour or so entering the names of the swimmers into the relays that did not pre-enter this information.

Part of the goal with this rule proposal is to make our meets easier for a meet hosts to run. The number of bidders has dropped off in recent years. The championship committee is exploring ways to make our meets more attractive to host. We realize that this does require more advance work on the part of the coaches.