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November 16th, 2004, 07:07 PM
The November - December newsletter of Lane Lines will now be the Winter 2004 issue (this will cover the months of November - January 2005). The change is due to lack of articles, photos, sanctioned meet entries, etc. The new deadline for submission is Friday, November 26 with a target publish date of Friday, December 10.

If you are planning on hosting a meet in December or January and want your meet published in the newsletter, you need to get your meet sanctioned by Nadine ASAP. **NOTE: Any sanctions that occur after the deadline will NOT be published in the newsletter.

All other articles, photos, etc., please send to me by the new deadline.

Carl Saxton

December 6th, 2004, 11:53 AM
Seasons greetings CMSA members! The Winter 2004 issue of CMSA Lane Lines is now posted to the CMSA website and available for your viewing pleasure. You can access the newsletter at: www.cmsaswimming.org/newsletter (http://www.cmsaswimming.org/newsletter)

This issue includes:
•Chat from the Chair
•CMSA Dominates Grin Classic
•Records Fall @ St. Louis
•2005 Check Off Challenge
•ASCA World Clinic
•Maine Scores @ WSG
•USMS Accessories
•Coaching Positions Available
•2005 Coach of the Year Nomination Form
•CMSA Semi Annual Meeting
•CMSA Service Award Nomination Form
•2003-2005 CMSA Board Members
•New USMS Publication
•Nominations for USMS Election
•FINA World Sports Congress
•South Side Bout Proves Worthy
•Barge Into Breaststroke
•2005 CMSA Registration Form
•Consolidated Meet Entry Form
•St. Charles Swim Meet Information

Again, you may click on the following link www.cmsaswimming.org/newsletter (http://www.cmsaswimming.org/newsletter) to be directed to the newsletter.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!
Carl Saxton :D
CMSA Newsletter Editor/Secretary

December 6th, 2004, 12:15 PM
In my rush to update the newsletter with the correct dates on the State meet, I forgot to include three very important pages (Registration form, Consolidate meet entry form, St. Charles meet entry). Right now these are pages 17-19 and are blank. I will have this corrected tonight and reposted to the website.

Sorry for any confusion.