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Bill Volckening
June 12th, 2002, 09:06 PM

Does your Masters swimming organization produce an outstanding newsletter? If so, please consider submitting it for the TYR / USMS Newsletter of the Year Award. This award is presented annually to the most outstanding Masters swimming newsletter. For the second year, the Newsletter of the Year award is generously sponsored by TYR.

Here's what to do:

1) Send newsletters produced by any Masters swimming organization. Newsletters produced during the period from September, 2001, to June, 2002 will be evaluated.

2) Indicate the name of the newsletter, the name and location of the Masters swimming organization producing the newsletter, the name of the editor(s), and also how often the newsletter is published each year.

3) If you would like your submission returned following the evaluation, please enclose a self-addressed envelope with postage. Submissions will not otherwise be returned.

4) Indicate online availability of the newsletter, if applicable.

5) Postmark by July 1st, 2002.

6) Mail newsletters to: Bill Volckening, 1220 NW 119th Place, Portland, Oregon, 97229.

Once the newsletters are collected, a panel of experts will evaluate the newsletters, select finalists and select the winner. Newsletters are evaluated for content, creativity, presentation and production value, range of appeal, and consistency. The award will be presented during the first week of September at the annual convention in Dallas, Texas.

Thank-you, and good luck!
Bill Volckening
USMS Editor
SWIM Magazine

June 13th, 2002, 07:15 PM
Hi Bill,

My team sends out great monthly newsletters via e-mail only. Since our team has grown so large, we like to save paper this way. Can we enter an electronic newsletter? If so, would we simply send the URL?

Bill Volckening
June 14th, 2002, 01:39 AM
Yes, online newsletters qualify, and you may send us the URL in lieu of a hard copy.

As a matter of reference, the last three recipients of the USMS Newsletter of the Year Award have had online availability. The first online newsletter to win the USMS Newsletter of the Year Award was the Barracuda Bulletin in 1999. I am proud of this accomplishment because I was editor of that newsletter at the time. Last year a majority of the ten finalists were available online. The three most recent recipients of the USMS Newsletter of the Year Award are:

1999: Barracuda Bulletin, Tualatin Hills Barracudas
2000: The Wet Set, Pacific Northwest Aquatics
2001: West Hollywood Aquatics Newsletter, WH2O (award sponsored by TYR)

Good Luck,
Bill Volckening