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December 2nd, 2004, 01:12 PM
The entry info for Y Nationals is already posted, and they mention a Star Trek convention in town during the same period. I checked this morning and hotels are already selling out. If you're interested in attending and want a room, BOOK NOW! I'm using Marriott points and had to settle on a hotel 9.5 miles from the pool. All the hotels they recommend are 8 or more miles away.

December 2nd, 2004, 05:40 PM
A Star Trek convention? Are you sure it's not the Star Wars convention that they have every 3 years before each new Star Wars movie is released? (I'm not sure what's more scarey, that I know this or that I've attended). Hmmmmmm

December 2nd, 2004, 05:44 PM
Ok, it is the Star Wars convention. Book your hotel now.


December 15th, 2004, 02:34 PM
So this is why the State meet is up for rebid??? because a few people want to go to YMCA Nationals and a Star Wars convention.
GO YMCA!!!:eek:

December 15th, 2004, 03:36 PM
The CMSA championships are not up for rebid because of YMCA nationals. The vote was eight in favor of permitting the winning bidder to change the date from March 31-April 3 to April 14-17 and eight opposed. The meet date was changed in the newsletter and distributed before CMSA leadership was made aware that the host teams wanted to change. The principle issue was whether the winning bidder had the authority to change the date of the meet without CMSA approval. Most of the voters against allowing the date change and some of those in favor indicated they felt the teams were wrong to attempt to do so without CMSA approval. The main concern voiced in the debate about the date were with regard to conflicts with children's school vacations, something which affects many CMSA swimmers. Whoever told you that the meet was being rebid because of "elite CMSA swimmers" who wanted to swim Y Nationals has given you misinformation.

FYI: YMCA nationals are restricted to YMCA members. Apparently at the adult level, no stigma is attached to USMS members as with age group teams.

I last particpated in YMCA nationals in 1991, the last year I was a Y member, so I'm ineligible to compete in this upcoming meet. However, were I to once again join a Y, I would probably attend future Y nationals.

December 15th, 2004, 03:45 PM
Come on Waterdevil, the State meet is up for rebid because the State meet host blew it in submitting a bid for an April 1st date when in fact they could not deliver the resources to host that date. Just admit that a mistake was made and stop looking for a scapegoat. Get on with it. If in fact the new date is preferred by the majority of CMSA membership, then the CMSA membership will approve it. How can that be more fair than asking for the Board to override a membership vote which was exclusively for your benefit only? The Board in fact choose to let the membership decide, not itself, not the state meet host.

December 15th, 2004, 10:32 PM
DECIDED TO COPY THIS REPLY TO THIS TOPIC TOO. YOU CNA ALSO FIND IT AT THAT "VOTE" TOPIC. THE NOVEMBER ELECTIONS EXIT POLLS WERE MORE RELIABLE THAN THE OPTIONS UNDER THE "VOTE" DISCUSSION. Someone's agenda, or shall I say "insight" is really screwed up. Tell me why we have this issue with "elite" swimmers. This has to be someone's ill-informed bias. Please define "elite" swimmer. These accusations about "elite" swimmers wanting something is soooooo off base.

You must understand. When an entity such as CMSA advertises for bids for a particular thing such as state meet, the bidders who submit their bids for this state meet project do so with the presumption that the bidders understand the "terms" of their respective bids and that the process for deciding to whom to award the bid has at least some semblence of fairness. CMSA at its semi-annual meeting of the membership received and opened 3 bids for the state meet. Each of the bids contained proposed dates, venues and other pertinent matters. The membership took a written vote and the entity that won the bid did so based upon the state meet taking place on April 1,2, and 3. Prior to the vote at the semi-annual meeting of the membership, a discussion was held about the dates and the coordination of Y Nats.

Most importantly the issue was discussed and considered by all members who were present. There were significantly more CMSA members present than just these undefined "elite" swimmer[s] who might be on the CMSA board. After discussion -- consistent with Roberts Rules -- the vote was taken. The April 1,2 and 3 dates won!! Period. Then, persons who were not present at the semi-annual meeting sought a change of dates which was purportedly approved by one single member of the executive committee.

Is this fair to the other bidders? Absolutely not. Do you think people can unilaterally change a vote of the membership at a semi-annual meeting? Do you simply reconstruct history to fit the "needs" of certain persons? Does not this entire issue place into question the integrity of the CMSA at large?

Once the board discovered the "unilateral" change, the board voted to do a rebid of the state meet because it was the only way to attempt to resurrect the integrity of the CMSA adminsitration. This is not a simple YMCA versus CMSA issue. That is a RED HERRING.

This issue is more complex and and runs much deeper. It concerns fairness and integrity and how it impacts all of the members of CMSA. Not just the disgruntled state meet hosts who realized with hindsight that their dates were no do-able. Let's stop the accusations. And lastly -- why can't you swim Y Nats, USMS Nats and State meet? Just Do It! Bury the hatchet!!!!

December 16th, 2004, 08:48 AM
I, as many, swim for health and personal accomplishment, not to choose allegiance between USA Swimming, YMCA, USMS or CMSA. While I particulary appreciate the members and friendships of USMS and CMSA, I choose meets that fit my physical condition, the level of competition that I'm prepared for, and the best facilities. I'm registered with all three and I compete for all three.
I could be wrong, but Y Nationals is sanctioned by YMCA, hosted by a USMS club, and recognized by USMS. So going to Y Nationals is supporting a CMSA club...and a really good club at that.

So, I'm looking forward to Y Nationals and spending quality time with Luke Skywalker.

By the way, did the board and host club all get their plasma TV's? I hope you enjoy them. :)

Happy Holiday and keep swimming!