View Full Version : shoulder problem

December 6th, 2004, 07:42 PM
About a week ago, I was coming in hard, freestyle and when I ended, my arm apparently didn't hit it perpendicular (to the wall) but it must have been at a sligh angle or something. Next thing, there's this big "pop" in my shoulder, which felt like it popped out of its socket and then relief as it "felt like" it popped back in. After, I had to end practcie early bcause it was slightly sore and very tired feeling.

Now, I still feel it. It doesn't hurt. It's just ...there. When I pull my arm back behidn my back and hold it at a 90 degree angle (at the elbow), and slightly pull, I can feel it again. It doesn't hurt,. Actually, it feels like it needs to be cracked, like cracking knuckles. But it doesn't and blah blah blah and now i'm starting to get worried. What coudl it be? I'm goign to see our shcool trainer as soon as possible (which will be about 2 days)/

December 6th, 2004, 07:51 PM
like you might have dislocated your shoulder and then it popped back in. Could become a perm. problem. You might want to see a doc and be SURE to mention what happened.

I had 3 shoulder surgeries. Not until the final surgery (#4), when I told the surgeon that I could kinda self-dislocate my left shoulder by placing my hands on a steering wheel and dropping my left shoulder (and feeling is separate and then going back in), did I get a firm diagnosis!