View Full Version : lead-like arms and breathless even at low heart rate

January 4th, 2005, 06:28 PM
hi guys,

need some advice in this..... despite my effort to slow my crawl strokes and to swim as relax as i could, my arms would go real tense and lead-like after just a few laps. i would also feel breathless despite my heart rate at a lowly 120 pm.
That certainly won't do any good in the swim leg for the triathlon which i'm training for, which emphasise on a relax swim :(

appreciate any help :)


email : akkk_1@yahoo.com.sg

January 4th, 2005, 09:05 PM
I am also currently training for a tri. The breathless is not from the heart rate so much as it is that you have to exhale all of your breath while under water. The breathless is caused because you have a build up of C02 in your lungs. Make sure that while you are under, you are constantly exhaling through your nose and mouth. Don't come up until you have exhaled EVERYTHING.

Also, try breathing every 3 strokes. So, breath right, left, then breath right, and so on. But again, make sure all air is out.

For your arms getting tired, try counting your strokes. Maybe you are stroking too much. Try to get it down to 20 or so per 25m. The most efficient swimmers can do it in like 12-14 strokes for 20 is pretty reasonable. Make sure you reach out as far as you can, rotating from side to side, and make sure your pull goes all the way to your thigh.

Another reason may be that you are kicking too hard, causing your arms to tire out. Try slowing down the intensity of the kick.