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January 28th, 2005, 04:52 PM

Being from areas near the medeteranian sea all my life I grew up swimming with my head above water. Now that I'm living in sunny socal with the water temperature hardly ever going over 65 I started swimming in the pool.

The only way I could get used to keeping my head down and breathing in the water was to use a nose plug. I have gotten my freestyle stroke down and can swim all day.

I figured the next step is to take the nose plug off. I swam for a couple of months without a nose plug. Breathing in with nose and mouth and exhaling thorugh my nose only.

After swimming about 20 mins my nose starts to close up and I have difficulty breathing out of it. I think it is from the chlorine water I am taking in occasionally. I have been thinking about going back to the nose plug because I didn't have any problems like this when I was using it.

Does anyone have any advice about using the nose plug or not. Also should I be exhaling through my nose and mouth?


January 28th, 2005, 11:13 PM
I started using a nose plug so I could dolphin on my back off the start and turns on my backstroke events. I don't get a nasal flush and I can keep my air in my lungs longer that way. Since using the nose plug I have noticed I don't have the stuffy nose and sneezing fits after practice, an added bonus. I compete with it too, including diving in on IM's - no problem. I have also put nose plugs on my youngest daughter and also an adult whom I taught how to swim in order to get them past the fear of the nasal lavage. Worked great. You will have to get used to not breathing (exhaling was hardest for me) through your nose.

January 31st, 2005, 03:27 PM
Thanks for your response. It seems that others have been avoiding the sinus conditions with the nose plug.

When I don't use the nose plug I exhale through my nose only. There seems to be many different opinions on whether to exhale out through the nose and mouth or just the nose.

I'm training for my first tri - I have the run down to 8 minute miles and cycling now 34 miles in the mountains for 2.5 hours. The swim is still the most intimidating since that is the weakest of the three. I can swim a mile but only with the nose plug. Without it my nasal passages close up.