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April 25th, 2005, 08:16 AM
After 24 years of offering the best swim camp in the nation to younger kids, Total Performance Swim Camp has just opened their new Masters Swim Camp!
Dr. Joel Stagger and Dr. Dave Tanner, IU's two leading researchers at the Counsilman Center for Swimming will be the camp directors!

Over the course of 3 nights and 3 days master swimmers of all ages will have the chance to have these two “biomechanic gurus” (according to the Men’s Journal – “The Michael Phelps Swimming Workout”) at their side, answering any and every question poised. Further, each day will include lecture sessions on many of the most important training and technique information. Following each lecture will be in-water sessions that will allow you to immediately work on the new knowledge you have just attained, under the eye of the several of this country’s most experienced and successful coaches.

Further, Joel and Dave will be conducting several scientific tests on each athlete in attendance. From cholesterol and blood pressure to swimming economy and swim power, you will be receiving the most thorough testing on swimming in the nation. Without a doubt, this masters camp is the most comprehensive and educational experience you will find. Combining the art of coaching with the latest science and research available is exactly what is needed to improve, and does not exist anywhere else. Plus you get to head home with all of your results, evaluations, and even a tape of yourself underwater!

Check out the link in order to find out more and sign up... Registration is limited to 20 swimmers per camp!

Peter Casares