View Full Version : TYR's ThermalWear(TM) ---how warm?

May 31st, 2005, 05:59 PM
I bought my 13 month old son the TYR's ThermalWear(TM) (http://www.swimshop.com/norcal/product.asp?s%5Fid=0&dept%5Fid=3018&pf%5Fid=PAAAIAFOPCOAAJPD&) youth suit . However, I am not sure how warm it will keep him.

For example, if he were in a pool that is 79 degrees, would he be ok?

Any other suggestions?


June 1st, 2005, 11:01 AM
Are you talking indoors or outdoors? Sounds like the suit's designed to keep him warm as long as the sun is out. We do most of our swimming indoors, so it's hard to say. I've never used one of these on my kids. When we are swimming outside, I usually pull them out when I see their teeth start chattering.

I tried to find the study at the University of Auburn website that TYR claims did the study, but I couldn't locate it. You probably already did this, but I also sent TYR an e-mail. When I get a reply, I'll let you know.