View Full Version : Swimmer nominations for a book project

Larry T
June 4th, 2005, 09:12 PM
I am co-authoring a book about US swimmers with very compelling personal stories and was hoping that you may suggest potential swimmers for our book.

Our book captures the stories of approximately 26 professional and amateur swimmers. Using written and photographic profiles, we explore the lives and accomplishments of swimmers from all areas of the sport, including Olympians, long-distance open-water swimmers, disabled swimmers, English Channel swimmers and swimmers who have overcome serious health challenges. We also highlight eclectic swimmers who have interesting workout practices or swim in interesting places. Our collection of profiles shows how swimming is a means of personal triumph and a tool to transcend one's perceived boundaries.

In our book we explore the obstacles, motivations and rewards faced by the sports most successful swimmers. Our book is for people who reference athletes as positive figures and use sport and fitness as a model of achieving personal goals in all parts of their lives. Our book appeals to both non-athletes and athletes, including high school and professional coaches, athletic program directors and all others seeking to inspire their athletes in all sports.

We’ve been working with many of the national swim organizations but wanted to reach out directly to the Masters community in an effort to uncover the very best stories possible.

Thank you for considering our project and I look forward to your suggestions.

Larry Thompson