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July 27th, 2002, 09:19 PM

Im a High School Senior who needs help with the 200 IM. My problem is the second half of the event( the breaststroke and freestyle). My butterfly and my backstroke times are fine but when I get to the second half of the event I always seem to burn out and lose the race. If anyone has any tips or suggestions or any good workouts to improve the second half of my 200 IM email me at unimatrix01@excite.com...


July 28th, 2002, 08:01 AM
The tendency is to get too excited going out in fly and spend too much energy; slow down maybe .3-.5

The breastroke leg needs some leg energy. Try not to kick like crazy on backstroke so that your legs are not as tired.

On the breastroke leg, even if you are bad at the stroke, you can have good pullouts. Discipline yourself to really streamline and crank down the pullout. W..A..I..T a tiny bit before you kick, and keep your head down when you do your underwater kick. Each foot extra you go is one foot you don't have to swim.

When you transition from breast to free your cadence must pick up. Explode off the wall and turn over fast. You do not have 5 yards to regain the right "pulse" for freestyle.

The 200 IM has 7 different turns. Practice them all, especially the awkward back to breast turn.

The 200 IM is a race in which you will hit high lactic acid/aerobic conditions. You must do IM in practice. Do sets of 100 IMs, and 200 IMs on occasion. Can you go 10x100 IM on 1:30? 1:40? Can you do IM on a set when others are doing freestyle? Don't be ordinary.

Improve your breastroke conditioning by doing some breastroke aerobic sets one day a week or so. This means at least 1000 breastroke in a row. Work on finishing the kick and stretching the stroke out.

The 200 IM is the second longest race in HS swimming. Have you worked out with the 500 swimmers every once in a while?

Swim fast,