View Full Version : Lake Harriet 1&2 mile - report

June 27th, 2005, 01:51 PM
On Sat, Jun 25, I swam the Lake Harriet 1-mile in Minneapolis, MN. There was also a 2-mile, and many swimmers swam both races (the 2-mile started at 8am, the 1-mile at 10:30am).

The water was much warmer than expected. The sign-up sheet said it was expected to be 68F but I heard it was 76F. Some of the 2-milers said it felt cooler during the 1-mile. The wind had picked up between races and may have brought cooler water up to the surface. Some cloud cover had also formed. But I thought it was very comfortable.

The 1-mile course was triangular with the first leg heading southeast, the second leg straight west cutting across the middle of the lake, and the final leg northeast back to the start. The wind gave me the least difficulty on the first leg. I "warmed-up" for the first few minutes and then fell into a groove and began slowly moving up through the field. After the first turn, I had some difficulty with the tailwind. I could feel the wind and waves pushing me every now and then but I also had a lot more trouble with my legs and hips sinking. I stayed even with a group of 4 other swimmers on this leg. On the last leg, I tried to pick up the effort but my rhythm was messed up by the wind blowing a nice chop right into my face and I finished with 2 swimmers from that group of 4.

My time was 29:xx. I was hoping to break 27. I think the course was long, though. The winner of the 2-mile swam 46:xx and he also won the 1-mile in 24:xx. A fellow club member swam the 2-mile in 52:xx and she swam the 1-mile in 27:xx. So either the 2-mile was short of the 1-mile was long.