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June 28th, 2005, 11:23 AM
Entries are coming in slowly for the Ed and Ruth Shea Summer Classic, scheduled Sunday, July 17th in Carbondale. We often get a lot of deck entries, but it would help us to start the meet on-time if we would get these earlier.

The deadline for pre-entry is July 9. The entry form is available at the Saluki Masters Website (http://www.siu.edu/~epse1/pohlmann/SMSC/) as well as the CMSA Meet Market (http://www.cmsaswimming.org/MeetMarket)

Don't forget that our pool is measured, so your swims will count for records and Top Ten. Too bad that St Charles has scheduled their meet for the same weekend, but their pool is not measured, unless some volunteers do it before their meet.

This year we have made special arrangements regarding the starting time of the Carbondale meet to allow folks from Chicago to make the scheduled Amtrak departure on Sunday afternoon. I hope folks take advantage of this.

See you all in Carbondale.


June 28th, 2005, 12:55 PM
Any idea how long it takes to drive to there from Alton?

I didn't see any surcharge per event. Does the price include any number of events up to 5?

Also, what meet in St. Charles? I didn't see this posted anywhere. Not that I plan on going - I just sent my form for the Carbondale meet in today - but I find it tough to find meets in the area.


June 28th, 2005, 02:27 PM
It's about a 2 hour drive from Alton to Carbondale.

There is no separate entry fee per event.
The total entry fee is $15 for up to 5 events if registered by July 9th, or $20 deck entry.

All USMS LC events are offered, including relays.

There is a separate category of entry (the Challenge Events) which includes a special award t-shirt if you complete all 5 of the challenge events - your choice of Sprint No Brainer events or Ironswimmer Glutton events.
The entry fee if you decide to enter all 5 of these particular events is $20 by July 9th or $30 deck entry (includes award t-shirt).

The 5 events are
Sprint No-Brainer
50 back, breast, fly, free and 100 IM (half-length each stroke).

Ironswimmer Glutton
200 back, breast, fly, 400 IM and 1500 free

Hope to see you in Carbondale July 17th.