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July 28th, 2005, 04:47 PM
In my 13 years as a Master swimmer I think I have a pretty good technique and speed, although recently (in the last month sometime) I was reading a thread where someone mentioned about breathing. She/he said that breathing while swimming had to be very much like breathing normally out of the water.

All the time since I started to swim I was used to hold my breath until a second before breathing again, so I let the air out in a single push. Last night, for some reason I decided to try letting the air off the all period that my head was under water. After several hundred meters everything was well and I though I did not felt very tired keeping my normal speed, but then I started to have a headache and it lasted me for an hour after finishing my training and must of the times I do not have headaches.

Anyone can tell me if this is normal for the first time of doing it, or the technique for breathing should be different?


July 29th, 2005, 11:29 AM
I've always been told that you should either be inhaling or exhaling all the time. I don't know if this is true or not but I sart my exhale almost as soon as I begin to role to my nonbreathing side.

July 29th, 2005, 01:51 PM
That's funny, I've always considered breathing during swimming to be complementary to "normal breathing". Normally I breathe in slowly, and breathe out kinda fast. While swimming, I breathe out slowly, and inhale quickly.

I've always thought of playing a (wind) musical instrument as being closer. You sneak in breaths when you can, but do it so it doesn't disrupt the rhythm of your music.