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August 29th, 2005, 04:19 PM
It is time to get going here and discuss the 2005 USMS Convention. Only three weeks away, we seem very complacent. Has everyone completed their work? I know I am not done.

We should have all recieved our convention packets. If not it is posted on the USMS web site. There is a lot of information coming from the Executive Committee this year, again with HUGE financial implications.

Let's start discussion now so that things are hashed out by convention.

August 30th, 2005, 11:30 AM
I am in favor of the Executive Committee decision to seek the approval of the House of Delegates for the creation of a new position of Executive Director.

But the "sticker shock" of the cost of this position is high, the more we discuss this before convention the better.

For those of you who have not seen the proposal, I am posting it here:

TO: USMS House of Delegates Members

FROM: USMS Executive Committee

DATE: August 30, 2005

RE: Request for Approval of Executive Director Position

In 2004, United States Masters Swimming (“USMS”) passed the first phase of legislation to change its governance structure, which included expansion of the number of officers and changes to the Board of Directors. This year, USMS is considering additional legislation to refine its governance structure. These governance changes come at a time when USMS is providing more services to its 42,000+ members than ever before, such as an updated website, on-line registration for national championships, multiple electronic tools for communication and recordkeeping, and a national publication managed by USMS. Also in the works is national on-line membership registration. USMS has more paid staff than in the past, such as a National Office Administrator, a controller, Webmaster/IT Director, Sponsor Liaison, National Publications Editor, and additional persons to help this staff keep up with the workload of serving USMS members.

Running through the discussions about USMS structure in the past two years has been the concept of a professional Executive Director (“ED”) for USMS. With a current budget of $1 million, a staff of three employees and three contractors, a national publication, and the provision of services to a growing body of over 42,000 members, it has become increasingly difficult for volunteer officers to manage the corporation while positioning it for growth and service to an increasing membership in the future.

An Executive Director is needed to (1) manage the day-to-day national operation of USMS; (2) provide outreach and service to individual members, clubs and LMSCs; and (3) maximize the development of USMS through fundraising, sponsorships, and coordination with other sport governing bodies and fitness organizations. The presence of an Executive Director will allow the Board of Directors to focus on policy and planning, the officers to focus on policy implementation, and the committees to focus on their specialized areas of responsibility, all with the support of an ever-present Executive Director whose focus every day will be the management of USMS operations.

The USMS Professional Management Guidelines require advance approval by the House of Delegates for the creation of any compensated employee positions. Therefore, the USMS Executive Committee seeks the approval of the House of Delegates for the creation of a new position of Executive Director.

If this request is approved, the newly elected USMS leadership would still need to create a job description for the Executive Director, establish a search process, and conduct the search. Approval of this request at this time creates the Executive Director position, thereby allowing these search activities to begin taking place, without USMS having to wait at least a year to commence the exploration.

Provisional budgeting for this position and the search process will also take place at this year’s convention. A task force has conducted a preliminary investigation about the cost of an Executive Director and possible sources of funding, and has submitted the report to the USMS Finance Committee. There is a broad range of potential costs for funding this position and the search for an Executive Director. The task force estimated that, with an Executive Director salary and benefits commensurate with the abilities and experience that USMS needs, full-time clerical support, and a committed national office space, the full cost for an Executive Director (including clerical support, office space, travel and expenses) could be $194,000 to $212,000. But the task force also identified expense reduction opportunities, including sharing of office space and clerical support with other organizations, that could significantly reduce that amount or the net impact of that amount. Moreover, for 2006, the full amount of funding would not be necessary, since much of the year would be consumed with planning the role of an Executive Director based on USMS needs, establishing the search process, and conducting the search.

This resolution before the House of Delegates under the Professional Management Guidelines only involves creation of the position, not budgeting for it. Your approval of this resolution under the Professional Management Guidelines will be sought during the House of Delegates meetings at the upcoming annual meeting. We appreciate your consideration of this matter.

Rob Copeland
August 30th, 2005, 04:18 PM
Yes, I agree, there is a major sticker shock associated with the hiring of an Executive Director. But keep in mind that this is a fully loaded cost of setting up the “national office” and not just hiring an Executive Director.

Personally, I think an Executive Director will provide a significant lift to our organization, in terms of programs & services, staff & volunteer support, sponsorship, national exposure, and ultimately membership retention & growth.

September 1st, 2005, 10:31 AM
I was surprised also. I think we are underestimating the cost for a national office. (I saw that in a local news paper that the CYO was looking for a local exec director and they were paying $80,000/year.

I agree with Rob that we need an Executive Director for the reasons he outlined.
We need someone who every business day, he/she is thinking about what is best for USMS and how to promote USMS.


Sabretooth Tiger
September 1st, 2005, 01:08 PM
An executive director is necessary in order to strengthen and grow USMS. I am rather surprised that it has not already happened. I also think that the estimated budget is light, especially if USMS wants to tap an experienced and capable leader/fundraiser. I sit on two not-for-profit boards in the L.A. area and doubt that we could pull off an effective search/attract a quality candidate at the figures suggested (inclusive of office, clerical and travel expenses as well as all benefits).

my two cents

carl botterud