View Full Version : Mount Greenwood Masters Needs Your Help!

September 10th, 2005, 04:50 PM
Hello everybody, Coach Mark Morrin here.

We need to display some solidarity or we are in grave danger of having all of our practice times (and thus our team as a whole) squeezed out of existence.

Our practice hours at the AG school have been altered AGAIN without any input from the team or myself. At the moment we cannot start until 8pm on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday and we have NO Saturday practice and two hours between 11 and 1 on Sundays.

Supposedly, several swimmers who participate in the free swim complained to the school about us. Whether or not we were given a chance to a hearing, the AG administration has changed our hours so that these people can have lanes to themselves from 7 to 8pm. It is worth noting that there were 7 people in the pool tonight to inaugurate these newly won hours!

We NEED to save this program and I need you and everyone on
the team to call the AG school after-hours program coordinator Matt O'Shea (773) 535-2511 and voice some concern!

You might also give a call to the school principal, who also seems to have a role in our reduced hours. His name is David Gilligan, and he can be reached at the Ag School at (773) 535-2500

Mark Royko, MGM's general manager, is going to set up a sheet to sign but in order to save thisteam we need to let them know we care as soon as possible. If we lose any more time, we might have to drop the MGM team status and just have a workout group.This would mean the destruction of all that we have built and enjoyed over the last few years.

I'd hate to see it come to that but it would just not be worth carrying the MGM Swim Team name and I refuse to run a program that way. When you call you can say, if you are so inclined, that you could lose your whole team and coach (many people) over the petty complaints of a few.

I'm sorry that I've been missing for the last month or two but the new season is starting and Lincoln Way wants a meet. You and I know it wouldn't be worth it for us to set up dates and practices that are either non-existent or unstable for us to get ready.

Please respond to this injustice in large numbers and let's get this
resolved so we can go back to what we do best: SWIM!


Web site: www.mgmswimteam.org