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September 29th, 2005, 10:21 AM
Meet notice at http://maryland.usms.org/PDF/SS0506.pdf

The Carol Chidester Memorial Swim Series (SCY)
Meet 1 ~ October 22 @ Howard County YMCA (warmup at 4:00pm)
Meet 2 ~ November 19 @ Salisbury YMCA (warmup at 4:00 PM)
Meet 3 ~ December 3 @ Towson Univ. (warmup at 4:00 PM)
Meet 4 ~ January 21 @ AOSC (warmup at 5:00 PM)
Meet 5 ~ February 11 @ Severna Park (warmup at 5:00 PM)
Finale ~ April 1 @ AOSC (warmup at 5:00 PM)

About the Swim Series:

* All six meets of the season will be free to all registered USMS Maryland LMSC swimmers, other LMSC swimmers are welcome, but it will cost them $5 per meet. Registration forms will be available at the meet.

* All the swim meets will be deck entered, and you will be required to turn in all your cards prior to the beginning of the meet to improve the seeding process. All participants must be registered with USMS. Registration forms will be available at the meet.

* Each meet will use an electronic timing system, if available.

* Each meet will have 50-100 of each stroke, 100-200 IMs and 200 Choice. The 500 free and 400 IM will be done at one of the meets and the FINALE meet.

* Each swimmer will be allowed to swim up to 3 individual events and 1 relay per meet.

* Meets results will be submitted to USMSís Results.net

*The meets are low-key and fun with a low cost social afterwards.

The swim series challenge for this year will only include the first five meets of the seasons (#1 to #5). An award will be given to each swimmer who competes in any 12 different individual events or who competes in all five meets. The awards will be presented at the swim social following the FINALE meet on April 1th.