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October 8th, 2005, 01:28 PM
Yesterday, I got my membership renewal form. First, I want to say that I find it almost unbelievable that a printed newletter costs $30.00. Is that for one year? I've never heard of such a thing! If this is for one year that's more than $7 per issue. How many copies of the newsletter do we print? At that price we should be getting a newsletter on magazine stock. Also, if that is the real cost, why aren't we making money on it or our dues? Do our dues reflect the real cost of running Illinos Masters? If not, then let's raise them. I've worked for many organizations, from Washington, DC; to St. Louis MO; to here in Galesburg. If I did a newsletter that cost more than $3.50 per issue, I'd be in trouble.

If the cost is so great then let's not even offer a printed version. Or maybe we should start looking for sponsorship.

Second, I wonder what newsletter? Where is a newletter? I haven't seen one since June. I realize that its production is done by volunteers, and the June newsletter looked great with much work going into it. But if we can't produce a decent newsletter regularly and at a resonable price, then maybe we shouldn't produce one.

October 8th, 2005, 11:21 PM
First of all. You are one of the 326 ILMSA members that request a printed newsletter. We have worked to decrease this number. We have over 1100 members that receive our newsletter by e-mail. If you feel strongly about this unsubscribe to the printed version and receive it my e-mail.

Secondly, Illinois Masters is a Club of the LMSC and has nothing to do with the registration fees. If you have any questions regarding our finances you can contact our Treasurer, Barb Delanois.

Yes, we are trying to decrease our cost of the newsletter. We have a task force that worked on bids for our newsletter. We cannot just stop the newletter especially for those swimmers who don't have internet access. We try to serve all of our members. We have changed printers and we will evaluate the results in 2 more printings to decide if they are meeting our needs. The newsletter is quarterly now. We have cut meet info form 2-4 pages to one page and a consolidated entry form for all meets. We are working on posting more articles online instead of the newsletter at the same time making sure the important information is still conveyed to the swimmers that do not have internet. All of this will cut the expenses of our newsletter down.

You have to remember a few things: we just had a new elections and the officers started their term on September 1st; we were not given permission to initiate any of our objectives until then. In addition, we just had a name change after the USMS convention which required us to change all of the forms, sanction, by-laws, etc to reflect ILLINOIS Masters Swimming Association (formerly Central Masters Swimming Association).

Also, you should be proud of the registration committee for getting the registrations out 3 weeks adhead of schedule. You cannot officially registrer for 2006 until November 1, 2006.

Our website will be up by Oct 15th with registration forms available and meet information. The other sections will be updated shortly there after.

Please contact me if you need any other clarifications.
Nadine KM Day, ILMSA President