View Full Version : Mea Culpa, Cleveland Beer, & Alzheimer's Jr.

jim thornton
August 20th, 2002, 12:37 PM
Major apologies to the Cleveland beer rendezvousers. After suggesting we all meet in Lane 4 at the conclusion of the 50 m free, and repeatedly reminding interested posters on this forum to similarly do so, I made my way over during the 17th heat of the 50 to make sure I'd be there on time. Unfortunately, I spotted a friend just completing the 50, and we started talking, and I...emerged from my amnesiacal lapse about 15 minutes later, at which point the rendezvous was long over.

I had met the very likeable Ion Beza earlier in the meet, and he agreed to help me search out all those who had actually showed up in lane 4 at the right time. We were able to find Ian Smith, Bill Volkening, Rich Abrahams, Laura Kessler--topnotch fellows and fellowette, one and all--but despite an intensive search, were unable to ferret out the elusive Jim Matysek.

Ion, Ian, Ian's lovely wife Diana, my teammate Melissa Varlas (who ended up posting the best times of all women in the 200 back and fly), Melissa's mother Lorraine, and I all ended up on Saturday night at the Great Lakes Brewery Co. and had a great time discussing such topics as "what do you do when you're dying at the end of a 100?". Matt Shirley, alas, could not make it to the pint-and-pork chop tippling because of family obligations in the greater Cleveland area.

Anyhow, I do ask for forgiveness for my Alzheimer's Jr. senior moment at the rendezvous moment of truth. The term Masters may well apply to our swimming ability, but for those like me, it does not always exactly describe short-term memory.

See you all at the next meet.

August 20th, 2002, 03:45 PM

Sorry to have missed meeting you this weekend. I did see some of yours, Matt Shirley's, and Ion's swims, but was always up in the stands at the time so couldn't get to you to say hi. I did meet Ion, Rich, and Ian after the 50, but didn't have enough time Saturday night to make it to the GL Brewing Company. Hopefully there will be more time after the meet days out in Arizona next year.