View Full Version : Fatigue / Tiredness

November 16th, 2005, 12:36 PM
I've noticed over the years that there are several types of fatigue I feel when I swim or just reasons in general that prevent me from performing at my best. There is the feeling of muscle soreness, where the muscles may feel tight and/or "heavy". It might seem like I have an unlimited supply of oxygen but the muscles are what's holding me back. The opposite is sometimes true, I'll feel out of breath but not have any muscle fatigue. There's also different feelings at the end of a workout where you question whether you should plow ahead. I can usually differentiate between these, one case is where you feel pain but it's a good pain, and you know you can and should continue. At other times I'll feel weak and I'm concerned that if I try to push harder it may be more detrimental than helpful.

What other types or feelings of fatigue have you felt?
If you are experiencing a specific type of fatigue do you alter the next set? (Maybe do shorter distances, decrease intensity)
Do you alter the next day's workout?
Does a specific type of fatigue indicate that you need more work in a particular area?