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December 5th, 2005, 11:45 PM
The INFO and ENTRY FORMS are now posted for the 2006 Bonaire EcoSwim:


INFO: http://www.randynutt.com/bainfo06.pdf

ENTRY: http://www.randynutt.com/baentry06.pdf

Comments from the 2005 swim:

“Swimming the shores of Bonaire is the most spectacular swimming I have ever done in my 40 years of swimming! This event is open water swimming at its finest. Spectacular snorkeling, fabulous people and great organization! Don't miss it in 2006!”
Sue Welker, Illinois
Head Coach Naperville Waves Swim Club

“Just wanted to say thanks again for a great swim! Bonaire is great, whether you are swimming on top of the water, or diving below the surface. And I met so many wonderful people - swimmers are always the most fun! Still thinking about next year!”
Diana Corbin, Maryland

”The Bonaire 5K swim was by far the most enjoyable and beautiful swim race that I have had the opportunity to compete in. The race coordination, administration and support during the race was excellent. In addition the 5k course was along the beautiful coral encrusted shoreline that created a backdrop for amazing fish sightings; I saw a spotted ray eel, sea turtle and a ship wreck during the swim! The Caribbean water is soooo blue and incredibly clear that you really have to experience it for yourself to appreciate it. No postcard could ever do this water and location justice. I am looking forward to the challenge and new undersea adventures waiting for me to discover during the next Bonaire Eco Swim!”
Carol Carr, Nashville, TN
Westside Swim Coach –’80 & 84 Olympic Swimmer.

“Athletes who have participated in Randy Nutt's Bonaire Eco-Swim now agree with divers across the world that Bonaire is an aquatic paradise. While swimming in the waters of Bonaire, it is hard to take the time to turn your head for a breath, the reefs & fish below are mesmerizing. I won't miss this event next year!”
Ralph “LaneLine” MacIntyre, Atlanta, GA

“Randy and his gang put together yet another wonderful swim for all of us who decide swimming a 10K (or a 5K or a mile) at a glorious, tropical island is the way to go. It was an adventure that warms your heart and strengthens your soul. I'll be back next year for sure.”
Gretchen Van De Carr
Durham, NC

“The Bonaire Open Water Swim is a wonderful opportunity to swim one's choice in distances in a truly beautiful setting. Besides this, the island offers a great chance to get away from the world as we know it and really relax and enjoy the water, the people, the fish and the assortment of restaurants. Highly recommended!!”
Russ Frazier, Tampa
Coach SunCoast Y Swimfit

September 29th, 2006, 05:14 PM
The Bonaire EcoSwim is listed in the new Fall/Winter Special Edition of Outside Traveler Magazine…..the article lists "excellent reasons to play hard and slack royally in the Caribbean”

Put all the summer training you did to work one more time –and then treat yourself to non-stop celebrations and socials with other open water swimmers.

October 21st in Bonaire.