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December 20th, 2005, 12:48 AM
Hi, I'm looking for ways to increase my ankle flexibility for breaststroke kick. I've asked a lot of people and everyone agreed that ankle and hip flexibility play a large part in catching the water and determining the efficiency of the kick.
So, what are some drills and exercises I can do to increase my ankle flexibility? I'm looking for:

1)drills and exercises to make my entire feet turn outwards. So, during a breaststroke kick, the toes would be pointing to the sides of the lane. I can't accomplish this yet, and they point somewhat down and to the side. Any drills to help me accomplish 180 degrees?

2) drills and exercises to make my feet roll inwards. That is, make the soles of my feet slap together at the end of the kick, soles facing each other like when you're clapping with your hands. Again, can't accomplish it yet, though a lot of ppl say that it is possible, though the last few inches are a bit hard, but they are achievable.

3) drills and exercises to make my feet roll outwards. Almost the same as 2, but they roll outwards so that the soles of my feet point away from each other. Of course, I'm not looking for soles that point in completely different directions, just more than they can now.

So, anyone with great drills and exercises, please share them! also, drills & exercises for HIP flexibility (like eggbeater kick) is also welcome! Thanks!