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Diane Barrera
September 10th, 2002, 11:33 AM
Master's Swim Coach

Silicon Valley Aquatic Association, home of San Jose Aquatics Masters, is looking for a part time coach to help out with the masters program. This is a part time position with a good possibility of taking on one of the age group divisions in the very near future. After reading the job description, if you are interested please send your resume and cover letter to Diane Barrera at dibarrera@msn.com.

About Silicon Valley Aquatic Association
Silicon Valley Aquatic Association (SVAA) is a non-profit swim program located in South San Jose. The club previously was under the name of San Jose Aquatics (SJA), which has been existence since the early 1970ís. The masters program is still under the name of SJA Masters. The majority of the people who train in our program compete in open water swims, with a few people participating in PMS events and triathlons.

Position Summary
We are looking for swim coach with swimming and stroke refinement knowledge. We prefer someone who has coached masters swim programs in the past. This person will initially coach all Saturday practices and two nights a week. It is important to note that the schedule of days many be flexible.

Primary responsibilities:
This person would be responsible for developing workouts for their scheduled practices, collecting dues, ensuring that all members are PMS members and giving feedback about the program to the head coach. Additionally, this person will have input into the monthly themes of the workouts and how to grow the program.

Required Skills and Qualifications
- Current certification in First Aid and Life Saving
- Member of the PMS as a coach
- Past experience in coaching
- Past experience coaching masters programs a plus