View Full Version : Teams Listed in FINA World Registration

Matt S
May 1st, 2006, 02:21 PM
For the intrepid, hard-working, brilliant, and extremely photogenic folks working their tails off to make FINA Worlds happen this summer:

I have encountered a problem with the online registration form. I am required to indicate which USMS team is on my USMS registration. It's a pull-down menu; I have to pick one of the teams listed, and my registration won't be accepted without it. Problem is that my team, Illinois Masters ("Club no. 020-IM" on my USMS card) is not on that menu. Neither are any of the component teams of Illinois Masters (e.g. Libertyville Masters, Evanston Masters, etc.)

As a work around, I entered my old team from a couple of years ago, St. Louis Masters. I'm willing to use the option to go back and edit my entry to reflect the correct team, when the menu is fixed. Please advise when that's done.

Thanks for your efforts. I hate to hit you with an ankle-biter like this, but this could be a problem for many folks.


May 1st, 2006, 03:30 PM

Your team is officially registered as "Team Illinois Masters" this year, not "Illinois Masters". It is and has always been available on the pull-down list of teams for worlds on line entry as well as the now closed nationals on line entry, but you have to look in the T section to find it because of the name change. Many people have been confused by this. If your card says "Illinois Masters" instead of "Team Illinois Masters", then it is in error also. Please help to spread the word among your team, since finding and correcting all of the creative ways that people try to get around the system when they can't find their team in the I section can cost us significant amounts of time.