View Full Version : Learning to kick

June 30th, 2006, 05:28 PM
Everyone kept telling me to kick more, larger kicks. It wasn't until today that I realized some things. I was trying, inadvertantly, to swim fast. I can't explain it. No reason to..no hurry, just..swimming fast. When I slowed my strokes down, I noticed my feet were kicking lil flipperkicks.
It was then I started kicking bigger. All of a sudden my body lurched a lil forward, it was being propulsed down the pool and not just drug along. My body was more inline and vertical all of a sudden with less drag.And even when I turned to breath I could see my feet breaking the water a little bit behind me and hear the water splash back there. That was new, harder, but new.Then my legs got rubbery and got worn out. haha. But I could feel my legs moving like what I see in instructional dvds:larger kicks from the butt. But until I slowed my strokes down, I hadnt' noticed it. I guess I was swimming to the fire and didn't even know it.
I'm gonna start working on some strength/endurance from my legs/hip flexors. Kicking drills on a board.
Just thought this post might help another newbie who wonders why his legs aren't doing right...or maybe, it was just me.

* I don't know why this got posted again. I didn't do it FYI. Sorry,