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September 25th, 2002, 01:56 AM
After a long break from swimming (no access to a pool, kids, slacker syndrome) I've taken it up again and really enjoy it. Later in October, I'm going to compete in my first meet since high school (20 years already!). This seems like a goofy question, but what type of suit do most masters swimmers wear? Are we talking Speedo briefs (my wife would love that), or Speedo boxer brief style (my practice suit). I like the Speedo style that is tight fitting but goes half way down the thigh. Don't want to show up at the party with a "blue leisure suit"...

Also, I'm sure the competition rules have changed a bit since I last swam competitively (i.e. I understand you are DQ'd for one false start now...it was two way back when). Is there a web site that has the latest rules?



September 25th, 2002, 09:45 AM

Welcome back to swimming!

USMS' website has the USMS rule book @ http://www.usms.org/rules/

Some meets that Masters swimmers compete in that aren't under USMS may be governed by FINA rules. You can find FINA @ http://www.fina.org/

When you read a meet registration, it will generally say what rules govern the event.

Yes, most meets is only one false start and you're DQ.

As to suits, you'll see a variety at most meets. Speedo briefs and longer cut tight fitting shorts style, the longer shorts which have become popular and some go all out with the partial or full body competitive suits. Rarely due you see the baggy beach swimsuit. Best advice is use whatever works for you the best.

You will enjoy competing as an adult and with masters swimmers. It's a great group of supportive people with the entire range of athletic abilities. You'll find competitive people with the majority having the attitude that we're all just trying to achieve our personal bests.

Good luck as you start competing again.


September 27th, 2002, 04:22 PM
Congrats on coming back to swimming. At my first meet back after 11 years, I was surprised to see all sorts of wear for the ladies and the men. Several elderly ladies walked out of the locker room in the fitness suits with skirts. I originally thought that they mistakenly thought it was lap swim time - but oh no. When their heat arrived, they got up on the blocks, did pretty good starts and even did flip turns. Then - there were those females in the full body suits and me in my little old speedo.

The males on my team seem to have a competition on who has the most stretched out suit - even competing at the state meet with drag down to their mid thighs.

It is all about fun and fitness so wear what is comfortable.

September 28th, 2002, 06:28 PM
Jammers are the next best thing to surfing trunks, or "baggies" as we call them.

During my lifeguarding days we always referred to Speedos as slingshots, among many other various derrogatives. They were never to be worn near any body of water unless it was a chlorinated lap pool. Very uncool on the beach.

90% of my college team mates were Jones Beach lifeguards. And some are still at it today (twenty years later). In any event, the advent of Jammers has somewhat changed the overall disdain for the "slingshots". Swimwear that one can maintain their self respect in !

October 9th, 2002, 12:50 PM
Just to add to the last post...

Jammers are the ones you were asking about that are tight, but come down on the leg to above the knee. These are increasingly popular with age group swimming. Masters swimming...I've seen everything....but I think(even though I'm not a boy) you'll like the cut and the feel in the water.