View Full Version : 2006 Colonies Zone LCM Champs announcement

August 2nd, 2006, 05:14 PM
We were just informed the George Mason University six lane 25y warm up pool will be closed for the entire month of August for pool construction. Unfortunately the facility did not notify us of this closing with much notice Ė we learned after they made the announcement to the general public on July 28.

We are doing everything we can to reduce the impact this will have on the meet, but of course donít have many options with such short notice. We are looking into renting a different facility in the LMSC capable of hosting a premium meet (50m pool plus ample warm down space), which means the location could change to Maryland.

If the meet stays at GMU, we plan to split the competition pool to accommodate 6 lanes of racing and 1-2 warm up lanes available for continuous warm up/warm down throughout the meet. Furthermore, unless the projected timeline is prohibitive we will open up all 8 lanes for warm ups at breakpoints in the sessions.

We are sorry for the inconveniences this will inevitably cause, whether by a change in geography or inferior warm up logistics. Please note full refunds are available if requested by the entry deadline (Aug 16).

The meet website will be updated when new information is available:

Jeff Roddin, Meet Entries