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Anthony Thompson
September 6th, 2006, 05:48 PM
The impressive list of action items for the Marketing Committee in the USMS Annual Report show there is a lot planned and underway.

Seem like the Marketing Committee should be and is doing:

1. Creating a master marketing plan with multiple elements, strategies, annual & long-term goals to be the leadership for USMS Marketing. Work with USMS EC to influence goals and direction to sustain and grow membership.

2. Partnering with LMSC and USMS committees to communicating with LMSC Chairs/Officers to give them tool (like presentation materials, LMSC Development Clincs, Coaches Clinics, Outreach materials, USMS membership retention materials, brochures, etc), share best practices and contacts to build the masters swimming programs.

3. Fully utilizing the Liasons to affiliate organizations to market USMS.

4. Partnering with the Communication & Editoral committee to be sure the tools are available (i.e. website, etc) and a constant stream of content are provided to members.

5. Partnering with masters coaches for much of the above as well.

6. Set some measureable goals for what the marketing should be acheiving - like increase overall membership by 5% in 2007, or by a specific # in each LMSC or areas with a lot of growth potential.

7. Report on success - and repeat or expand from marketing successes. Focus resource where impact is measured before moving into areas with lower potential for impact.

What do others think USMS Marketing Committee should be doing ?

Anthony Thompson,
Missouri Valley LMSC Chair

Rob Copeland
September 7th, 2006, 10:43 AM

These are wonderful ideas!

Please catch Connie Baerett, Mike Heather and me in Dearborn and we can talk about these.